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Don’t Question Me (Actually, Do)

These are posts by Mighty Gamer answering questions about herself asked by other Poptropicans.

MEGA Posts & MEGA Blog Changes

These are posts that cover several news topics and/or changes to this blog.

MPB Recaps

These are special posts by MPB authors about special events that happened in the Poptropica community, summarizing them.

News & Discoveries

These are posts that cover one or two pieces of news-such as a new island or new features.

Poptropica Reviews

These are posts where an author gives their opinion about an island or feature in Poptropica.

Poptropica Theories

These are posts by MPB author Tall Cactus that explain her theories about Poptropica content.

Popular Wolf’s Poptropica Doodles

These are posts where MPB author Popular Wolf draws Poptropica-related art.


These are posts originally written and posted on another blog.

Sweet [and Horrible] Glitches

These are posts, by MPB author Small Fire, about Poptropica glitches, bugs, and ASGs.


These are the very first posts written on this blog by authors introducing themselves, and/or the blog.

What the Poptropicans Want

These are posts by Infinity App Nerd which lists some of the ideas and suggestions to improve Poptropica, submitted by other Poptropica players, along with himself.



Help Wanted

MEGA Pop Chat!

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