Confession Time

Well, I’m really lazy so HERE


Hello. It’s Me. (Do You Remember Me?)

Heeeyyy guys! It’s been quite a while, eh? PW here. My spring has been pretty crazy, with: Algebra, braces, power outages, slow updates, and lots of art.

I really am sorry for not posting, but I have been active in the community. SO I have an excuse, riiiiight?

Anyways, hope y’all had a fanshmastic Easter and break. :3


–PW (as you can see below, I’m very busy XD )


Monkeys on the Loose!

Hey, Poptropicans!


I’ve never talked about monkeys so much in my life, and it’s driving me BANANAS.

But, no, really. SO MANY MONKEYS.

The newest update is one of interest- and monkeys. According to the creators blog, the monkeys have escaped MWI (Monkey Wrench Island)!

One is sighted in front of the Twin Palms Mall on Night Watch Island, and no one knows how long it’ll be there. Though, more will appear on different islands later on. All I can say for now is…

Stay tuned!


Double the Credits

Hey again, everyone!


For National Engineers week, the Poptropica creators have doubled the amount of credits you can get for four science-themed islands only. Which is a total of a whopping 300 credits, before being 150 credits! What a boost, huh?

Anyways, this only lasts from February 21st to the 27th, so while you can, go complete them. Before I forget, here are the islands you can complete and get the raise in credits from:

– Shrink Ray Island

– Steamworks Island

– Lunar Colony

– Virus Hunter Island

Now, if you excuse me, I will be completing these islands. 😛

– The Mighty Game-ini

The Mighty Game-ini
Big thanks to Spener for the pic. 😛

Monkey… Wrench Island? & A Discord Server

Hey, guys!

I actually have two things I would like to announce today. Last night, I noticed SF (Small Fire) had simply and clearly announced the most anticipated island’s name in a comment on the PHB. After asking how he knew, he spilled the beans. Apparently, the name has been revealed in the island medallions!

But what the name is? It’s in the title, but I will tell you, anyways. It is called…

Monkey Wrench Island!

What an odd name, right? It actually confused me.

Anyways, onto more news.

Mad APPer and I have opened a Discord server, so you should go check that out. It is for The MEGA Poptropica! Blog, and is called Mega Pop Chat. Also, remember to read the rules and such in #welcome. 🙂

– The Mighty Game-ini

The Mighty Game-ini Island
Thanks for the edit, Mad APPer. 😛

Poptropica Realms

Hey, guys!

Recently, Poptropica Realms has disappeared! I also noticed this the other day, and I found it odd. But anyways, the creators are fixing this.

Poptropica Realms

Captain Crawfish also reassured us that our Realms is safe, so worry not. 🙂 This is what he said on the creators’ blog:

“Never fear, Poptropicans, because all the Realms you created are safe — they’re only temporarily unavailable. In our latest update to Poptropica, a bug in the code base disabled Realms. We’re actively working on squashing this pesky bug and restoring Realms as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update you as soon as we have more information.”

What update caused this? I’m not sure, but I think it’s the Photo Booth update. That’s just my opinion, though.

Well, that’s what’s happening lately. 😛 See you next time!

– The Mighty Game-ini


My Place in Poptropica: Mad Apper

Yours truly wrote about his place in Poptropica.
—The Mad Apper—

Poptropica Help Blog

This is the My Place in Poptopica story of Mad Apper, an avid player of the Poptropica mobile app. See the bottom of this post for details on sending in your own MPIP!


Skip the intro. Let’s do this.

Are you surprised to see me? Or perhaps you don’t know who I am? Well, that’s what this post is for. Today, I’ve been given the great opportunity to tell you a bit about my past, present, and future in Poptropica history. The dates aren’t precise, but somewhat accurate. I’m Mad Apper, and this is my place in Poptropica.

The Summer of 2014 | The Discovery

I think it was June or July. I was bored, and didn’t have a lot to do. I was 14, at the time, and my older brother told me about Funbrain. I checked it out and played a game. It seemed, well, boring. I think I clicked…

View original post 543 more words

My Place in Poptropica: Mighty Gamer

The Mighty Game-ini wrote this post, and it got on the PHB. Without further ado, MPB author Mighty Gamer’s place in Poptropica!
—The Mad APPer—

Poptropica Help Blog

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here. Remember not too long ago when the PHB authors (including myself) shared our Poptropica origin stories with a series called “My Place in Poptropica”? Afterwards, we invited you guys in the community to create your own – and starting with this one, we’ll be publishing them periodically on the PHB! More details at the end of this post.

Mighty Gamer (creator of Explore • Collect • Compete and author on the Mega Poptropica Blog) was the first community member to send in her MPIP story. So, without further ado, here it is!


2008/2009: Just Starting Out

To begin with, I’m not entirely sure when I joined. But, I do know that I joined around 2008 or 2009; when I was either 6 or 7. I’m already forgetting stuff.

Anyway, onto how I actually joined Poptropica. One day I was in class during recess, which was being…

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