PWPD 3!!!

Popular Wolf's Poptropica Doodles

Heeeyyy guys! It’s that time of the month! Prepare for impaaaact!

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Soon to Come: Oodles of Doodles

Heeeyyy guys! PW here. I want to keep you in check with an upcoming post series I’m doing: Popular Wolf’s Poptropica Doodles!

I’ll draw random stuff, full drawings and more, in both my natural manga style (like my current profile picture {tidbit: Daganronpa Christmas!}) and Poptropica style! The drawings will be about Poptropica, and soon, something more personal… you’ll see 😉 (MWAHAHAHAAA)

I’ll probably do the first post on my birthday, December 10th, so mark that down!

I’m only posting it here, so it’s exclusive!

That’s all I have for now. Pop on!


Any requests for me to draw? What style? Comments are below, my friends! Request your heart out!