MEGA Blog Changes: New Page Up!

Ladies and Poptropimen, I give you…Mad APPer!

There’s a new page up in the menu called Help Wanted is a direct link to a form for anybody that wants to become an author of the journals  on the MPB!

Here’s the official picture!

Meme Faces brought to you by Poptropica Meme Face Mondays. They’re dank.

That’s all for now!

—Mad APPer—



Quick Post: More MEGA Blog Changes!

MG, PW, this is your boss. You’re both fired. Just kidding! You get a raise! You both get free *looks around* pencils!

Anyway, I’ve made three changes to the blog, and one to my WordPress account. Here they are!

    1. I’ve added a NAVIGATION page! Check the menu! I don’t know why, but I like to write pages in third person.
    2. I’ve added a HOME page! You can just click on the header, but why not add this.
    3. I updated the ABOUT page! It now has links, is open to comments, and has two tiny pictures of Alpha and The Mighty Game-ini’s Gravatars.
    4. My display name is now “Mad APPer” instead of “The Mad Apper”.

That’s about it for now! Basically, I did stuff.

—The Mad Apper—

MEGA Blog Changes!

My oh my, it’s The Mad Apper!

Oh yeah, so if you read my solo blog, The Poptropica App Blog, you know when I make obvious and/or unknown blog changes, I cover them in a post: MAJOR Blog Changes. Well, this is The MEGA Poptropica Blog, so this post will tell you about two MEGA blog changes.

For the two [somewhat] obvious blog changes, look under the cut! Continue reading “MEGA Blog Changes!”