Anouncing the MEGA Poptropica Blog fanart contest

Heyo everyone,

Today I was bored at school and I was just thinking that maybe we should copy the PHB, and have our own fanart contest!

Here are the rules:

The post has to include at least one of the MEGA authors, for a reference here are their usernames:

Small Fire: abelman14

Popular Wolf: jvs134

Tall Cactus : macandcheese52

Infinity App Nerd:  madapper4ever

Brave Dolphin: salma26557

Mighty Gamer: MightyGamer126

It also must be drawn by April 1

Thats all for now!

Have a pancake flippin’ AWESOME SAUCE day!

-Small Fire


Random Drawings

Well, today I was bored so I decided to draw some things. So I first drew “Robert” from Tall Cactus’s fan-fiction, who is really past Binary Bard. Here he is:


This is not from poptropica, but I drew Boromir from The Lord of The Rings in his famous meme stance:


So then finally, I drew a montage of all the MEGA authors but me, due to room issues, but it turned out like pancake flippin’ awesome sauce!


Thats all for now, but I’ll be back… PEACE OUT!


– Small Fire

March Madness!

Whats poppin’ MEGA Fans? Im back in the game with my first post after reterning. This is one awesome thing for newer players, okay are you ready for it… The 8 members only islands… there is a poll, and whichever one gets the most votes will be made for everyone! My personal vote will be for Red Dragon, because I have not beaten it. This is one awsome thing!eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwOi8vaS5pbWd1ci5jb20vT2RxS1pmQy5wbmcifQ.5ZbsJn18Leij84GJJWMKB1Sq0g4

P.s use the monkey follower on a non SUI island and you can custumize it! You can get Zombie Eyes!

-Small Fire


Hello readers, I would like to send in a resignation of being an author on this blog. I am leaving the poptropica community for good. I know it was short lived, but I will not be posting any more.

Best regards, SMALL FIRE

Hi ! I’m Small Fire.

Hey MEGA fans!

I’m Small Fire , and I’m the new author on this Blog!

If you would like to know more about me , I made a list…

  • I like drawing
  • My favorite shows are Gravity Falls, The Flash , and The X-files
  • I love Poptropica
  • My favorite band is 21 Pilots
  • My favorite color is Orange
  • My favorite thing to do in Poptropica is use glitches
  • I live in the USA

I am really excited to be an author, and help you achive all your (poptropica) dreams!

– Smal Fire