Goodbye, Poptropicans…

The MEGA Poptropica Blog! is ending.

No, no– keep reading. That’s not all. It’s not all bad, because…

We’re, uh… transferring! To here, Explore Collect Compete, a blog I made on November of 2015. So don’t worry, we’re not gone! We just basically have a new url. The reason we’re doing this? Well, ECC and the MPB are closely related. We have the same authors, [All of us now. I invited Super Comet.] reshare the same posts, and have almost all of the same segments! It’s basically the same!

That’s why we’re combining the two- now all of the different segments and posts will be found at one place. It makes more sense, if you think about it!

And it’s already done! All of the authors are in one place, all of the posts are in one place, and all of the segments are in one place! It’s organized, and it’s not confusing if you have both the MPB and ECC followed!

For now, the MPB will remain inactive. We’re not deleting the blog, but updates will no longer be here.

Goodbye, MPB. ECC takes over now.



Galactic Hot Dogs… Special?

Hey, Poptropicans!


Yep, that’s Galactic Hot Dogs… looks nervously to other ECC authors

hears distant complaining from Tall Cactus

Ha, anyways…

The second volume to Galactic Hot Dogs is in bookstores, so the creators are celebrating this by giving us all a raise in credits, even replayers for Galactic Hot Dogs!

I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is the first time the replayers also get the mons, but correct me if I’m wrong! But I’m not lying, really! Here’s what the creators said on their blog:

That’s right: whether it’s your first time through, or your 50th, you’ll get bonus credits for completing Galactic Hot Dogs this weekend. If you’ve never finished this Island before, you’ll get the 150 standard credits, plus 150 more! And if you have finished it before, you’ll also get the bonus. Everybody wins!

Though, like all things in life, it must come to an end. And that’s why I’m encouraging all of you to take advantage of this update before it’s gone, even if you don’t like the island! looks at Tall Cactus It ends Monday morning!


Some More Sweet Sneaks

Hey, Poptropicans!


Last time you could have gotten purple sneakers, but now you can get red!

In the last race, we re-experienced a Poptropicon scene, now we’re re-experiencing an Arabian Nights scene! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, go to Home Island and visit Speedy Sam.

As always, he’ll be on a treadMILE. (Yup, lame pun. Carry on.) How fit is he? Running on a treadmile (Sorry.) all week long. Without any sleep. Or food. Nice.

Anyways, once you beat the race record, you’ll get the red sneakers like I said above.

Get racing!


The Really Big Semi-Update Theory

Hey, Poptropicans!

Mighty Gamer here! In my last post, I told you I would make another post, this being a collection of theories for the Big (no- REALLY BIG) semi-update.

I will be giving my thoughts and opinions on all of the information the creators have given us about this semi-update thus far. [Which isn’t a lot, by the way.] Each point is below, and below that are where my “theories” of sorts are, basically.

Onto the first point…

Continue reading “The Really Big Semi-Update Theory”

Your First Pair of Sneakers

Hey, Poptropicans!

Poptropica Feats of Speed

The creators have been clear about an upcoming update- no, not an island yet. But they are sneakers, so that will have to suffice. For now. Let’s just be happy there’s an update!

On the 19th, the creators made it clear that shoes were soon coming to Poptropica. What a move, that to give us Poptropicans an experience like that! I knew that there would be a race. What other way would shoes be introduced? 😉

Over on Home Island, there’s a race being held by no other racer than Samwo- uh, I mean Speedy Sam.

Of course, this is only for limited time. (Though, I’m not sure when they will not be available anymore.) But like all things, it will come to an end.

So again, go to Home Island and beat Speedy Sam’s record and bam- you’ll get these nice pair of sneaks! Which were also shown above. 😛


Well, that’s all for now! Stay poppin’, Poptropicans.


ECC & MPB Special: The Super Squad – Chapter 1

Hey, Poptropicans!

In my last post, I introduced to you the prologue of ECC & MPB Special: The Super Squad! And now, chapter 1 is officially released! But if you haven’t read the prologue and you’re new here, I encourage you to go ahead and get caught up. You’ll probably get confused otherwise.

Also, before continuing, I’d like to state that Fearless Hero’s Spy Agency is now cancelled, and instead of posting that series, this will be posted. It’s a substitute, basically.

And now, onto chapter 1 of…

Thanks for the logo, UiPE!


Chapter 1

Tall Cactus: I’m bored…

Mighty Gamer: Uh, you’re always saying that, you know.

Tall Cactus: Yeah, I know.

The blimp was now looming above Bay City. 24 Carrot would be coming up soon.

Mighty Gamer, looking at map: We should be there any minute now!

Mighty Gamer, in this case, was correct. They fortunately landed before Tall Cactus fell asleep from boredom again.

But the island itself was nothing like they expected. It was in ruins. Citizens were crying, looking for jobs, hope, anything. They needed help.

All of a sudden, the mayor came rushing to them. It was Mayor Henderson! Apparently, he was mayor for 24 Carrot Island, too.

Mayor Henderson: Tall Cactus, Mighty Gamer! Please help us! Our town is in ruins!

Mighty Gamer: I don’t understand. How did this happen?

Mayor Henderson: It’s that Dr. Hare! He’s at it again!

Mighty Gamer: Dr. Hare?


Mighty Gamer: But, that can’t be right…

But the mayor wasn’t listening anymore. He was going crazy, running in circles, and screaming at the top of his lungs.


Tall Cactus: Just calm down. We’ll figure something out. Well, at least I’m not so bored anymore.

Mighty Gamer: Yeah. This is certainly troublesome, to say the least.

As the twins walked away, Mighty Gamer spoke up.

Mighty Gamer: You know, that name… Dr. Hare?

Tall Cactus: What about it?

Mighty Gamer: You didn’t notice? Hare is our last name! And the only other person to have that name is…

Tall Cactus: But it can’t possibly be him, our uncle, can it?

Mighty Gamer: It sounds crazy, but is has to be-

Tall Cactus: Hold on, I’m kinda busy checking my phone right now. Shoot, there’s no connection!

Mighty Gamer: That doesn’t matter right now! What I’m trying to say is-

Tall Cactus: Our uncle is evil? I got that.

Mighty Gamer: Yeah. But perhaps we can change that.


Mighty Gamer: That’s not what I had in mind, but-

Mighty Gamer: We do need to save those children.

Tall Cactus: THEN LET’S GO!

Mighty Gamer: Okay, first of all, calm down.

Tall Cactus: FINE!

Mighty Gamer: Let’s go…

They headed over to the abandoned carrot cake factory. To get inside, they tried to get in one of the pipes outside. It wouldn’t open.

Mighty Gamer: What do we do now!?

Tall Cactus pulled out a wrench. From Monkey Wrench Island.

Mighty Gamer: How did you get that!?

Tall Cactus: I can fly. Remember?

Mighty Gamer: Oh, right…

The twins then entered the vent system of the factory, and landed in one of the rooms. There were huge containers of what appeared to be… carrot juice. But the main room, where Dr. Hare was, was protected by a security system.

Tall Cactus: Maybe I can break it by throwing the wrench! That’s what the Red Baroness did, and it made us crash!

Mighty Gamer: Go for it.

Tall Cactus then threw the wrench as hard as she could, and just then, some guy walked through the door. He was typing something on his tablet, not even paying attention. If Tall Cactus hadn’t thrown the wrench, he probably would of stayed oblivious to his surroundings.

Guy: Ouch!

In shock, he dropped his tablet, which caused its screen to crack.

Guy: No, my beautiful tablet! The one Master Hare gave me, what have you done? He’s going to be so mad!

Mighty Gamer: That was Tall Cactus.

Tall Cactus: Hey!

Guy: new people who dis

Mighty Gamer: What? I don’t understand.

Guy: rmgifwvih ivw zovig ivw zovig gsrh rh mlg z wiroo ivw zovig

Tall Cactus: Now he’s talking gibberish!

Guy: It’s Abtash. Abtash is not gibberish. Now to take you to Dr. Hare, intruders…

Tall Cactus: Nerd.

Guy: Nerd? You call me a nerd?

Tall Cactus: Sorry. Please, don’t get us in trouble!

Mighty Gamer: We are Dr. Hare’s nieces, you know.

Guy: Y-You can’t be. Seriously?

Mighty Gamer: Indeed.

Guy: I am Master- I mean, Dr. Hare’s most loyal minion, Infinity App Nerd. But you can call me I.A.N., for short.

Tall Cactus: So, we aren’t in trouble anymore?

Infinity App Nerd: You won’t be in trouble. If you leave now.

Mighty Gamer: We can’t do that.

Infinity App Nerd: And why is that?

Mighty Gamer: We need to stop his evil plans!

Infinity App Nerd: Are you serious? I thought you were his nieces.

Mighty Gamer: We are, it’s just-

Infinity App Nerd: You’ve been here too long! I will stalk you for the rest of your lives, and you broke my tablet! That’s where all my camera apps are! YOU-

The security system responded due to I.A.N.’s loud scream, and the floor beneath them disappeared before their very eyes. Before they noticed what was going on, they found themselves trapped in a freezer room.

Mighty Gamer: Oh, this is just great! Now what do we do?

Infinity App Nerd: Thanks, intruders. You just ruined everything.

Tall Cactus: I’m bored.

Mighty Gamer: This isn’t really a good time for that.

Tall Cactus: Sorry.

Infinity App Nerd: Master Hare will fire me for sure if he finds out about this! Oh man, gsrh rh gsv lmob oruv R’ev vevi pmldm- ls, dsb zn R hfxs z mviw!?

Mighty Gamer: Not this again…

Infinity App Nerd: Wait, I know a way to disable the security system! But wait, the app for it was on tablet… WHY!?

Tall Cactus then flew to the top of the freezer, where she found some wires.

Tall Cactus: Guys! I think I found a way out!

Infinity App Nerd: The wires to the security system! Perfect.

Tall Cactus took out her wrench once again, and cut the wires.

Tall Cactus: That should do it.

Tall Cactus: Now let’s get out of here!

The three of them quickly left out of the freezer and found themselves back in the vents.

While in the vents, Mighty Gamer found 2 Drone Ears, those of which the children slaves wore. They could sneak in his lab without getting in too much trouble now.

They eventually found their way back to the room they were in, this time with the security system off. The three of them entered the door, where Dr. Hare was, wearing the Drone Ears.

They were relived to see that they weren’t dropped anywhere unknown, like the last time.

When they entered the room, they saw Dr. Hare.

He noticed them right away, and came up to them.

Dr. Hare: What are you doing in the lab!? You’re supposed to be guarding the other rooms! And I.A.N., get back to work!

Infinity App Nerd: Yes, Master Hare.

I.A.N. then left the room, leaving the sisters alone with Dr. Hare.

Mighty Gamer: I-Is there anything we can help you with?

Dr. Hare: Actually, yes. Go over to that computer and launch my Rabbot. The password is Fuzzybunny.

Tall Cactus: Wait, what!?

Dr. Hare: Now!

Mighty Gamer climbed up to the computer as fast as she could. When Dr. Hare saw her proceed, he climbed in his Rabbot. There’s a long pause of silence, and Dr. Hare looses his cool.

Dr. Hare: What’s taking so long!? I don’t have all day!!

Mighty Gamer listened to Dr. Hare, and types in the computer’s password. And then the launch code, hesitantly.

She can now see the monitor is of the Rabbot now that it’s launched. And she can control it.

Dr. Hare: Now avoid the asteroids, and I can take over Poptropica! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Mighty Gamer looked back at Tall Cactus in worry. Even though she wasn’t saying anything, and couldn’t, Mighty Gamer understood. She knew what she had to do.

She took the handle, and purposely crashed into the first asteroid.


And then a second time.


And then when the Rabbot crashed into the third asteroid, Dr. Hare was defeated. He and his machine came crashing down.


Dr. Hare: You are going to be in so much trouble when I get my hands on you!!

Tall Cactus: H-Huh? Let’s get out of here!

And then I.A.N. came rushing into the room.

Infinity App Nerd: I heard Dr. Hare yelling! What happened?

Mighty Gamer: He and his Rabbot were… defeated.

Infinity App Nerd: What!? What do I do now!? I need the money!

Infinity App Nerd: And… MY TABLET!!

Mighty Gamer: We could replace your tablet, if…

Infinity App Nerd: If what?

Mighty Gamer: If you join our team.

Infinity App Nerd: Fine. I have nothing better to do, anyway.

And so they freed all the children slaves, left the carrot cake factory, and searched for Mayor Henderson.

Mayor Henderson: So did you complete your task? Please tell me you did!

Mighty Gamer: Yes. And we found the carrots! There in that old abandoned carrot cake factory, in crates.

Mayor Henderson: YAY! Here, in reward, you can take this medallion!

The mayor handed them a shiny gold medallion, with “24 Carrot” imprinted on it. It also has a gold carrot on it. Their first medallion…

Mighty Gamer: What now?

Tall Cactus: Well, maybe one more quest. I kinda like this…

Mighty Gamer: But what about our parents?

Tall Cactus: We don’t know where they are, right?

Tall Cactus: We’ll figure it out as we go along. But for now, we don’t have anywhere to go to.

Mighty Gamer: Yeah. We’ll figure something out…

Meanwhile in Monkey Wrench Island…

Crusoe: And then I went to get a glass of water, then I took another nap, and then I breathed, and then I breathed again, and then…

Crusoe: Did I mention I breathed again?


Crusoe: Wait, I have another story!

Mr. Hare: PLEASE NO!!

Crusoe: Many years ago, I had the craziest day of my life! It all started when I woke up and breathed exactly 24,056 times, and then I went back to bed. Crazy story, right?

Crusoe: In fact, I am going to take a nap right now.


Mr. Hare: FREEDOM!

Meanwhile somewhere else…

Cloaked Figure: I can’t believe they actually pulled that off…

He was looking at a monitor in which Tall Cactus, Mighty Gamer, and Infinity App Nerd were.

Cloaked Figure: How will I get that medallion now!?

Cloaked Figure: And now… that nerd is with them. It’ll be easier to get medallions.

Cloaked Figure: Perhaps…

Cloaked Figure: I could wait until they have all of the medallions, and then steal it…

Cloaked Figure: Perhaps.

And where Tall Cactus, Mighty Gamer, and Infinity App Nerd are…

They were now on the blimp again, looking for another island to beat. They took a look at their map.

Tall Cactus: Let’s go to…

Tall Cactus: Steamworks Island!

Mighty Gamer: Okay, let’s go…

Infinity App Nerd: When will I be getting my new tablet!?

Mighty Gamer: We’ll buy it on Steamworks Island…

Infinity App Nerd: But I need my tablet now!

Mighty Gamer: Well, you have to wait!

Infinity App Nerd: But–

end of chapter 1

What do you think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments below.


Wimpy Kid Month!

Hey, Poptropicans!


It’s been 9 years since the release of the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, and because of this, creators are taking notice.

Their way to commemorate this joyous occasion is to let non-members have a taste of their Wimpy Kid islands- Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk!

But that’s not all! With completing these islands, you get 300 credits. Each! That makes a total of 600 credits!

Oh, but you only get the 300 if you haven’t completed it before. 😦 Y u do dis, creators!? I want the mons!

Anyways, this deal ends at the end of April- so I encourage everyone to go complete these islands while you still can!

Until next time!

Bear Wave


ECC & MPB Special: The Super Squad – Prologue

Hey, Poptropicans!

Today, I would like to announce an ECC & MPB Special, otherwise known as…

The Super Squad!

With the help of authors Infinity App Nerd, Popular Wolf, Tall Cactus, Brave Dolphin and Small Fire (Now gone, but he did help write the prologue and some of chapter 1. wink wink), we are making this a reality- a fanfic written by all of us.

This is just the prologue, so I encourage you to tune in for future chapters, because this is gonna be AWESOME!

Without further ado, here it is, ECC & MPB Special: The Super Squad!



This is Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus, a pair of 16 year old fraternal twins. They both live together in a small house on Home Island, with their parents. Their lives were pretty normal, until now…

Tall Cactus: Mighty Gamer, I’m bored. Again.

Mighty Gamer: Seriously?

But at this point, she wasn’t listening. She was already flying around the house, which she always did when she was bored.

Mighty Gamer: We do the same things every day. Wake up, go to school, come back from school, do homework, sleep. We need to do something different.

Tall Cactus: Like?

Mighty Gamer: Like… go to that Flying Ace Race we’ve heard so much about at school?

Tall Cactus: We’d have to ask mom and dad first.

Her sister sighs, and then nods. They walk out to the kitchen, where their parents are.

Mighty Gamer: Mom? Dad?

Dad: Yes, our most favorite child?

Mom: What do you need? Anything for you!

Mighty Gamer: Can Tall Cactus and I go to the Flying Ace Race? Please…

Mom: But, dear…

Mom: We wouldn’t want our little girl getting hurt!

Dad: But if Tall Cactus wants to go, I guess that’s fine…

Tall Cactus: W-What did they just say?

Mighty Gamer: Forget it. Let’s just go back to our rooms.

After thinking for a little while, the sisters decided to leave without telling their parents.

And so, they both took their backpacks with things they needed, and a map. They sneaked out the house through the window in their bedroom when their parents were sleeping.

An hour later of walking…

Tall Cactus: Well, I guess we’re here.

Mighty Gamer: Yep.

Tall Cactus: Let’s go to the reception desk, then.

As Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus walked to the desk, a tall and skinny woman greeted them at the admittance desk cheerfully.

Golden Shark: Hello! I’m Golden Shark. It will cost you 75 credits to enter the Flying Ace Race. Interested?

Tall Cactus nods, and then hands the woman the 75 credits. She got up and showed them their balloon.

Golden Shark: Remember, if you need help, blow this.

She hands them a whistle.

By now, Golden Shark left and the sisters were in their balloon, waiting for the race to start. And just when Tall Cactus was about to die of boredom, the mayor of Home Island, Mayor Henderson, flew in front of them.

Mayor Henderson: Hello, everyone! I would like to welcome you all to the first annual Flying Ace Race!

The crowd begins to cheer in anticipation of the race.

Mayor Henderson: We sure have a lot more contestants than I expected! Hopefully everyone will enjoy this race whether they are participating or viewing, and in case you didn’t know, the prize for winning is this gold medallion!

As he holds up the medallion, “oohs” and “aahs” could be heard from the crowd.

Mighty Gamer: Tall Cactus, that medallion is beautiful! We need to win!

Mighty Gamer: Tall Cactus?

Tall Cactus had gotten so bored, she fell asleep.

Mayor Henderson: So without further ado, let the races begin!

Mighty Gamer pulled forward so hard that it blew Tall Cactus right out of the hot-air balloon, but luckily, she woke up and flew right back in.

Tall Cactus: AHHHHHH! Help me!

Mighty Gamer reached forward and pulled Tall Cactus back up into the balloon.

By now, they were now in 3rd place. The person in 2nd place was Red Baroness, and the person in first place looked like an Amelia Earhart impersonator.

But when Red Baroness noticed how close they were to being ahead of her, she started to get mad, and took the first thing she saw- a wrench in this case- and threw it at the blimp’s balloon.

Then it hit them.

They weren’t on Home Island anymore.

They are on Monkey Wrench Island, now knocked out.

When they woke up, they saw a monkey in their faces.

Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus: AHHHHHH!

Mighty Gamer: Where the heck are we?

Random Monkey: AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH!


Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus get up and run away from the monkey. The island that they crash landed on is filled with spacious jungles, diverse animal species, and weirdest of all, TONS OF MONKEYS.

After walking for a while, the twins reach a strange sign. It says, “Crusoe’s Castaway Resort“, in big black letters. It is pointed in the direction that they are heading, and they still had 50 credits, so they decided to stay there for a bit. When Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus actually arrived at Crusoe’s, they couldn’t believe their eyes. It was a hotel, a huge one at that, and made of a weird material that looked like bamboo. Inside, there was a man at the front desk, with a name tag that reads, “Crusoe”.

Mighty Gamer: Hi… Crusoe? We would like to rent a room.

Crusoe: Hello! Yes! Sure! But, let me just say, finally, some visitors who are actually human! Let me tell you how I got here, right? Well…

As Crusoe keeps talking, Tall Cactus falls asleep. Like usual.

Mighty Gamer: Hey… HEY! Can you please speed things up?

Crusoe: But I just got to the good part!

Mighty Gamer: And wake up, Tall Cactus!

Tall Cactus: Huh?…

Crusoe: Okay, so, we charge 10 credits a night, so pay up.

Tall Cactus handed over the ten credits. Crusoe showed them to their room, and handed them the room keys. They would be sleeping in room 4.

It was already late at night, so they decided to sleep.

They both slept well that night. Except Tall Cactus. The monkey noises bothered her too much.

Mighty Gamer woke up late the next day. Tall Cactus had already been awake for an hour. When Mighty Gamer came out of her room, she saw monkeys. Monkeys doing chores, monkeys sitting at the table, MONKEYS COOKING!? What were they going to eat? Bananas? She didn’t want to be fed bananas by monkeys if anything!

Mighty Gamer: We need to get out of here… wait… the race! We lost!

She felt like this was all for nothing. They were lost on an uncharted island with nothing but a map, forty credits, and cooking monkeys! They even forgot to pack snacks.

Tall Cactus also realized that they lost the race, too, and was not happy with this.

Tall Cactus: How could we do that! I’m so mad right now!

(Note: Those are the exact words she uttered.)

But soon, the monkey that had greeted them when they arrived, came up to them. The monkey had a paper in its hands, which was the blueprint to making a blimp. They took the next few days to make the blimp, and when they finished, they were off. They were lucky to take that map, or they wouldn’t have found their way back home, Home Island. The twins couldn’t find their parents, though, and wondered where they were.

Tall Cactus: Maybe we could ask Uncle Harvey where they are.

Mighty Gamer: Nah he lives over at 24 Carrot, that’s too far.

Tall Cactus: Wait! What about grandpa?

Mighty Gamer: Yes! He could know where they are!

They rushed to their grandparents house, and let themselves in.

Grandpa: Huh? Kids? It’s nice to see you here!

Tall Cactus: Grandpa, do you know where our parents are?

Grandpa: I honestly don’t know. I do know that they were looking for you, though. Said something about going to search an uncharted island off the coast of Home Island. Didn’t tell me a thing about the island, though.

Mighty Gamer: Thank you for the information, grandpa. But we better get going.

They decided to go stay with their Uncle Harvey after all. They had no clue what was in store for them…




Red Baroness: Oh, hi, sir.

Cloaked Figure: Hello, there. So, did you bring the thing?

Red Baroness: Yes, sir. But some meddlesome kids almost got it, so 350 credits, as we discussed.

Cloaked Figure: There you go. I’ll be taking it, now.

She gives the Cloaked Figure something, that you see shines. Just for a second.




Mr. Hare was walking through a spacious jungle with his wife, Mrs. Hare.

They come across a sign that reads:

Crusoe’s Castaway Resort




What do you think of the prologue? Are you excited for chapter 1? Let us know in the comments below.


Happy Easter!

Hey, Poptropicans!

How is everyone doing? I just wanted to quickly say, Happy Easter! I’m possibly late to saying this, but it’s the thought that counts. 😉

But if you don’t celebrate Easter, then… happy normal Sunday/whatever day it is for you?

Either way, I hope you’re all having a great day! Whether you’re hyped up or just about to crash from the sugar (Which I did.) or you’re just having another normal day.

See ya!


P.S., I currently have a contest going on, so click here for the details. 🙂

P.S.S., I just noticed that this is my 20th post! Yay!

Springtime Costume Contest!

Hey, Poptropicans!

In celebration of Spring (And sneezing, and coughing, and sniffles. Sarcasm, guys.), I am announcing something I’ve never thought of making a reality. What is this, you may ask? Well…

A contest! Not only that, but a springtime costume contest!

You seen it yourself, it’s the Springtime Costume Contest!

Through today (3/26/2016) to April 15th, this contest is ON!

All you have to do during this time is come up with a great springtime themed outfit, screenshot it or keep it on and tell me your username, and email You can also share your username in the comments, or email it to me here. Though, on April 15th, your submission is invalid at exactly 12am CDT time!

And as far as the prize goes…

If you win, you can request any picture to be drawn by yours truly! Whether it be your Poptropican, a NPC, or something unrelated, you can ask! I only ask the request not be anything inappropriate. 😉

What do you think of the contest? Will you participate? Let me know in the comments below.