Goodbye, Poptropicans…

The MEGA Poptropica Blog! is ending.

No, no– keep reading. That’s not all. It’s not all bad, because…

We’re, uh… transferring! To here, Explore Collect Compete, a blog I made on November of 2015. So don’t worry, we’re not gone! We just basically have a new url. The reason we’re doing this? Well, ECC and the MPB are closely related. We have the same authors, [All of us now. I invited Super Comet.] reshare the same posts, and have almost all of the same segments! It’s basically the same!

That’s why we’re combining the two- now all of the different segments and posts will be found at one place. It makes more sense, if you think about it!

And it’s already done! All of the authors are in one place, all of the posts are in one place, and all of the segments are in one place! It’s organized, and it’s not confusing if you have both the MPB and ECC followed!

For now, the MPB will remain inactive. We’re not deleting the blog, but updates will no longer be here.

Goodbye, MPB. ECC takes over now.



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