ECC & MPB Special: The Super Squad – Prologue

Hey, Poptropicans!

Today, I would like to announce an ECC & MPB Special, otherwise known as…

The Super Squad!

With the help of authors Infinity App Nerd, Popular Wolf, Tall Cactus, Brave Dolphin and Small Fire (Now gone, but he did help write the prologue and some of chapter 1. wink wink), we are making this a reality- a fanfic written by all of us.

This is just the prologue, so I encourage you to tune in for future chapters, because this is gonna be AWESOME!

Without further ado, here it is, ECC & MPB Special: The Super Squad!



This is Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus, a pair of 16 year old fraternal twins. They both live together in a small house on Home Island, with their parents. Their lives were pretty normal, until now…

Tall Cactus: Mighty Gamer, I’m bored. Again.

Mighty Gamer: Seriously?

But at this point, she wasn’t listening. She was already flying around the house, which she always did when she was bored.

Mighty Gamer: We do the same things every day. Wake up, go to school, come back from school, do homework, sleep. We need to do something different.

Tall Cactus: Like?

Mighty Gamer: Like… go to that Flying Ace Race we’ve heard so much about at school?

Tall Cactus: We’d have to ask mom and dad first.

Her sister sighs, and then nods. They walk out to the kitchen, where their parents are.

Mighty Gamer: Mom? Dad?

Dad: Yes, our most favorite child?

Mom: What do you need? Anything for you!

Mighty Gamer: Can Tall Cactus and I go to the Flying Ace Race? Please…

Mom: But, dear…

Mom: We wouldn’t want our little girl getting hurt!

Dad: But if Tall Cactus wants to go, I guess that’s fine…

Tall Cactus: W-What did they just say?

Mighty Gamer: Forget it. Let’s just go back to our rooms.

After thinking for a little while, the sisters decided to leave without telling their parents.

And so, they both took their backpacks with things they needed, and a map. They sneaked out the house through the window in their bedroom when their parents were sleeping.

An hour later of walking…

Tall Cactus: Well, I guess we’re here.

Mighty Gamer: Yep.

Tall Cactus: Let’s go to the reception desk, then.

As Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus walked to the desk, a tall and skinny woman greeted them at the admittance desk cheerfully.

Golden Shark: Hello! I’m Golden Shark. It will cost you 75 credits to enter the Flying Ace Race. Interested?

Tall Cactus nods, and then hands the woman the 75 credits. She got up and showed them their balloon.

Golden Shark: Remember, if you need help, blow this.

She hands them a whistle.

By now, Golden Shark left and the sisters were in their balloon, waiting for the race to start. And just when Tall Cactus was about to die of boredom, the mayor of Home Island, Mayor Henderson, flew in front of them.

Mayor Henderson: Hello, everyone! I would like to welcome you all to the first annual Flying Ace Race!

The crowd begins to cheer in anticipation of the race.

Mayor Henderson: We sure have a lot more contestants than I expected! Hopefully everyone will enjoy this race whether they are participating or viewing, and in case you didn’t know, the prize for winning is this gold medallion!

As he holds up the medallion, “oohs” and “aahs” could be heard from the crowd.

Mighty Gamer: Tall Cactus, that medallion is beautiful! We need to win!

Mighty Gamer: Tall Cactus?

Tall Cactus had gotten so bored, she fell asleep.

Mayor Henderson: So without further ado, let the races begin!

Mighty Gamer pulled forward so hard that it blew Tall Cactus right out of the hot-air balloon, but luckily, she woke up and flew right back in.

Tall Cactus: AHHHHHH! Help me!

Mighty Gamer reached forward and pulled Tall Cactus back up into the balloon.

By now, they were now in 3rd place. The person in 2nd place was Red Baroness, and the person in first place looked like an Amelia Earhart impersonator.

But when Red Baroness noticed how close they were to being ahead of her, she started to get mad, and took the first thing she saw- a wrench in this case- and threw it at the blimp’s balloon.

Then it hit them.

They weren’t on Home Island anymore.

They are on Monkey Wrench Island, now knocked out.

When they woke up, they saw a monkey in their faces.

Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus: AHHHHHH!

Mighty Gamer: Where the heck are we?

Random Monkey: AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH!


Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus get up and run away from the monkey. The island that they crash landed on is filled with spacious jungles, diverse animal species, and weirdest of all, TONS OF MONKEYS.

After walking for a while, the twins reach a strange sign. It says, “Crusoe’s Castaway Resort“, in big black letters. It is pointed in the direction that they are heading, and they still had 50 credits, so they decided to stay there for a bit. When Mighty Gamer and Tall Cactus actually arrived at Crusoe’s, they couldn’t believe their eyes. It was a hotel, a huge one at that, and made of a weird material that looked like bamboo. Inside, there was a man at the front desk, with a name tag that reads, “Crusoe”.

Mighty Gamer: Hi… Crusoe? We would like to rent a room.

Crusoe: Hello! Yes! Sure! But, let me just say, finally, some visitors who are actually human! Let me tell you how I got here, right? Well…

As Crusoe keeps talking, Tall Cactus falls asleep. Like usual.

Mighty Gamer: Hey… HEY! Can you please speed things up?

Crusoe: But I just got to the good part!

Mighty Gamer: And wake up, Tall Cactus!

Tall Cactus: Huh?…

Crusoe: Okay, so, we charge 10 credits a night, so pay up.

Tall Cactus handed over the ten credits. Crusoe showed them to their room, and handed them the room keys. They would be sleeping in room 4.

It was already late at night, so they decided to sleep.

They both slept well that night. Except Tall Cactus. The monkey noises bothered her too much.

Mighty Gamer woke up late the next day. Tall Cactus had already been awake for an hour. When Mighty Gamer came out of her room, she saw monkeys. Monkeys doing chores, monkeys sitting at the table, MONKEYS COOKING!? What were they going to eat? Bananas? She didn’t want to be fed bananas by monkeys if anything!

Mighty Gamer: We need to get out of here… wait… the race! We lost!

She felt like this was all for nothing. They were lost on an uncharted island with nothing but a map, forty credits, and cooking monkeys! They even forgot to pack snacks.

Tall Cactus also realized that they lost the race, too, and was not happy with this.

Tall Cactus: How could we do that! I’m so mad right now!

(Note: Those are the exact words she uttered.)

But soon, the monkey that had greeted them when they arrived, came up to them. The monkey had a paper in its hands, which was the blueprint to making a blimp. They took the next few days to make the blimp, and when they finished, they were off. They were lucky to take that map, or they wouldn’t have found their way back home, Home Island. The twins couldn’t find their parents, though, and wondered where they were.

Tall Cactus: Maybe we could ask Uncle Harvey where they are.

Mighty Gamer: Nah he lives over at 24 Carrot, that’s too far.

Tall Cactus: Wait! What about grandpa?

Mighty Gamer: Yes! He could know where they are!

They rushed to their grandparents house, and let themselves in.

Grandpa: Huh? Kids? It’s nice to see you here!

Tall Cactus: Grandpa, do you know where our parents are?

Grandpa: I honestly don’t know. I do know that they were looking for you, though. Said something about going to search an uncharted island off the coast of Home Island. Didn’t tell me a thing about the island, though.

Mighty Gamer: Thank you for the information, grandpa. But we better get going.

They decided to go stay with their Uncle Harvey after all. They had no clue what was in store for them…




Red Baroness: Oh, hi, sir.

Cloaked Figure: Hello, there. So, did you bring the thing?

Red Baroness: Yes, sir. But some meddlesome kids almost got it, so 350 credits, as we discussed.

Cloaked Figure: There you go. I’ll be taking it, now.

She gives the Cloaked Figure something, that you see shines. Just for a second.




Mr. Hare was walking through a spacious jungle with his wife, Mrs. Hare.

They come across a sign that reads:

Crusoe’s Castaway Resort




What do you think of the prologue? Are you excited for chapter 1? Let us know in the comments below.



11 thoughts on “ECC & MPB Special: The Super Squad – Prologue

      1. i can confirm that plans change. I wanted to draw a graphic novel, but it literally took me weeks, and i only got 5 pages done!!! Now i’m just writing it with illustrations.
        so yes. plans change.

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