Putting Out The Fire: Remembering Small Fire

Hey, Poptropicans.

Today is a sad day. Small Fire had to leave the community last night. For real this time. So we are making this post to honor him.

Here are some quotes-

Tall Cactus: “I’ll sure miss the guy. He was so funny and was such a great glitcher and author.”

Infinity App Nerd:Hnzoo Uriv rh gsv urihg NKY zfgsli R xlfow ivozgv gl. Dv’oo nrhh blf nzm. Nvtz ulivez.”

Mighty Gamer: Small Fire was a great author, and we’ll all miss him. He was a great blogger, and friend.

Popular Wolf: “Although he be a Small Fire, his embers shall rage on in my heart.”

Brave Dolphin: “Small Fire was honestly, a really sweet and funny author. He put in lots of his effort and time into making the MPB great. I know this sounds cheesy, but SF was an excellent author, and we shall never forget him. Meep.”

He will always be remembered. MEEEEEEEP!

~The Entire MPB Staff, who will remember and miss Small Fire


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