Monkey Wrench Island

Hey, everyone!

How are you? Good? Bad? Whether or not you’re good or bad, this will make you thrilled.

A little while ago, I found out that Monkey Wrench Island has been released! Maybe an hour or two ago- I’m not exactly sure. But anyways, I highly recommend playing it, especially if you’re not fully understanding Poptropica. (Though, I did play and finish the island knowing how to play Poptropica.)

But, one thing is weird.

Apparently, you have to go to Home Island and talk to Amelia Earhart in order to access Monkey Wrench Island. Because, well, it isn’t on the map… yet.

Though, even though this island is short, it’s fun, has interesting characters, and has a nice storyline. Your character and Amelia Earhart go exploring the skies in sight of finishing a race, but a villain otherwise known as Red Baroness trashes your plane, sending you to Monkey Wrench Island. After seeming to be fixed, attempting to fly again, it becomes in worse shape. Trying to find another way out, you meet Crusoe. The rest is history. 😉

To find out the ending, go play! And tell me what you think. 🙂

– The Mighty Game-ini



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