Meet the new author… me!

Hi Poptropicans!

Well, first off I’d like to say thank you to Mad Apper for allowing me to become an author on his website! 🙂 I’m also quite excited to go back to Poptropica blogging. But, here’s some information about me:

  • I love music
  • I like singing
  • I like Poptropica (well, obviously! :P)
  • Drawing is fun for me
  • I love to write
  • My favorite color is black
  • I live in the USA

Aside from that, I enjoy meeting new people! Blogging is really fun for me, and I’m glad to be blogging again. I’m really looking forward to talking and working with the MEGA Poptropica Blog staff! If you’d like to friend me, my username on my main account is “salma26557”.

In case you don’t know how my Poptropican looks, here’s a photo:


Until next post, bye 😀




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