New Icons!

Hey guys, it’s BD!

First post on here. ūüėõ Yay for first post! Anyways, many of you may have noticed that both on SUIs and non-SUIs, there are new icons when you open the Menu. Here’s a photo:


And, on SUIs, this:


Personally, I think they look really nice. ūüėÄ I love how there’s an icon to go to “Home.” What do you think about Poptropica’s new icons? Comment your opinion below!

Anyways, until next time Poptropicans, bye! ūüôā





Monkey Wrench Island

Hey, everyone!

How are¬†you? Good?¬†Bad? Whether¬†or not¬†you’re good¬†or bad,¬†this will¬†make you¬†thrilled.

A little while ago, I found out that Monkey Wrench Island has been released!¬†Maybe an¬†hour or¬†two ago-¬†I’m not¬†exactly sure.¬†But anyways,¬†I highly¬†recommend playing¬†it, especially¬†if you’re¬†not fully¬†understanding Poptropica.¬†(Though, I¬†did play¬†and finish¬†the island¬†knowing how¬†to play Poptropica.)

But, one thing is weird.

Apparently, you¬†have to¬†go to Home Island and talk¬†to Amelia¬†Earhart in¬†order to¬†access Monkey¬†Wrench Island.¬†Because, well,¬†it isn’t¬†on the¬†map… yet.

Though, even though this island is short, it’s fun, has interesting characters, and has a nice storyline. Your character and Amelia¬†Earhart go¬†exploring the¬†skies in¬†sight of¬†finishing¬†a race,¬†but a¬†villain otherwise¬†known as¬†Red Baroness¬†trashes your¬†plane, sending¬†you to Monkey Wrench Island. After¬†seeming to¬†be fixed,¬†attempting to fly again,¬†it becomes¬†in worse shape. Trying to¬†find another¬†way out,¬†you meet Crusoe. The rest is history. ūüėČ

To find out the ending, go play! And tell me what you think. ūüôā

– The Mighty Game-ini


Double the Credits

Hey again, everyone!


For National Engineers week, the Poptropica creators have doubled the amount of credits you can get for four science-themed islands only. Which is a total of a whopping 300 credits, before being 150 credits! What a boost, huh?

Anyways, this only lasts from February 21st to the 27th, so while you can, go complete them. Before I forget, here are the islands you can complete and get the raise in credits from:

– Shrink Ray Island

– Steamworks Island

– Lunar Colony

– Virus Hunter Island

Now, if¬†you excuse¬†me, I¬†will be¬†completing these¬†islands. ūüėõ

– The Mighty Game-ini

The Mighty Game-ini
Big thanks to Spener for the pic. ūüėõ

Monkey… Wrench Island? & A Discord Server

Hey, guys!

I actually¬†have two¬†things I¬†would like¬†to announce¬†today. Last¬†night, I¬†noticed SF¬†(Small Fire)¬†had simply¬†and clearly¬†announced the¬†most anticipated¬†island’s name in a comment on the PHB.¬†After asking¬†how he¬†knew, he¬†spilled the¬†beans. Apparently,¬†the name¬†has been¬†revealed in¬†the island¬†medallions!

But what¬†the name¬†is? It’s¬†in the¬†title, but¬†I will¬†tell you,¬†anyways.¬†It is¬†called…

Monkey Wrench Island!

What an odd name, right? It actually confused me.

Anyways, onto more news.

Mad APPer and I¬†have opened a Discord¬†server, so¬†you should¬†go check¬†that out. It is¬†for The¬†MEGA Poptropica!¬†Blog, and¬†is called¬†Mega Pop¬†Chat. Also,¬†remember to¬†read the¬†rules and¬†such in¬†#welcome. ūüôā

– The Mighty Game-ini

The Mighty Game-ini Island
Thanks for the edit, Mad APPer. ūüėõ

Hi ! I’m Small Fire.

Hey MEGA fans!

I’m Small Fire , and I’m the new author on this Blog!

If you would like to know more about me , I made a list…

  • I like drawing
  • My favorite shows are Gravity Falls, The Flash , and The X-files
  • I love Poptropica
  • My favorite band is 21 Pilots
  • My favorite color is Orange
  • My favorite thing to do in Poptropica is use glitches
  • I live in the USA

I am really excited to be an author, and help you achive all your (poptropica) dreams!

– Smal Fire

Meet the new author… me!

Hi Poptropicans!

Well, first off I’d like to say thank you to Mad Apper for allowing me to become an author on his website! ūüôā I’m also quite excited to go back to Poptropica blogging. But, here’s some information about me:

  • I love music
  • I like singing
  • I like Poptropica (well, obviously! :P)
  • Drawing is fun for me
  • I love to write
  • My favorite color is black
  • I live in the USA

Aside from that, I enjoy meeting new people! Blogging is really fun for me, and I’m glad to be blogging again. I’m really looking forward to talking and working with the MEGA Poptropica Blog staff! If you’d like to friend me, my username on my main account is “salma26557”.

In case you don’t know how my Poptropican looks, here’s a photo:


Until next post, bye ūüėÄ



Don’t Question Me (Actually, Do) Part 2

Hey, guys!

Here I¬†am with¬†part 2¬†of Don’t¬†Question Me¬†(Actually, Do),¬†so sit¬†back and¬†enjoy! And¬†if you¬†have any¬†questions, you¬†can ask¬†me them¬†here and¬†your name¬†and question¬†will be¬†starred here¬†next time! ūüėĬ†Well, let’s begin!

Tall Cactus asks:

When you grow up, would you want to become a Poptropica Creator, or something different? (This might be surprising, but I actually want to be a famous scientist.)

Of course, if I¬†had the¬†opportunity to¬†have such¬†an amazing¬†job, I¬†would comply-¬†but, I¬†have a¬†small chance¬†of actually¬†working for¬†Poptropica, so¬†there’s that. :p

Though, I¬†am at¬†the age¬†where I¬†actually need¬†to know¬†what I¬†wanna do¬†career wise,¬†and I’ve¬†made the¬†decision in¬†becoming a¬†graphic artist. ūüôā¬†I do¬†not have¬†the necessary¬†things to¬†do it,¬†though.¬†But,¬†I will¬†be getting¬†a drawing¬†tablet and¬†good programming¬†later on¬†this year,¬†which I’m¬†very excited about. ūüėÄ

Oh, kinda¬†like Dr.¬†Lange from¬†Virus Hunter¬†Island? ūüôā lol ūüėČ

Tall Cactus also asks:

If you could change one thing about Poptropica, or a plot of an island, what would it be?

Well, um. I’m a¬†big fangirl¬†when it¬†comes to¬†things I¬†like, and¬†Poptropica just¬†so happens¬†to be¬†one of¬†my absolute¬†favorites! And¬†since I¬†feel this¬†way, all¬†I really¬†wish for¬†is¬†the¬†ability to¬†customize all¬†NPCs clothes.

I would¬†say get¬†rid of¬†Super Power¬†Island, but¬†making that¬†island was¬†just apart¬†of the¬†process. ūüėõ Making it¬†led up¬†to better¬†and more¬†complex islands¬†I feel¬†like, so¬†I’m glad¬†it’s here! ūüėÄ Even if¬†completing it¬†took ages. ūüėõ

Tall Cactus asks:

If you could live in Poptropica, would you? What island would you move to?

Well, one¬†thing’s for¬†sure, not¬†Escape from¬†Pelican Rock. ūüėõ

Yes, I¬†would live¬†in Poptropica,¬†though. With¬†the exception¬†of bringing¬†some family¬†members, of¬†course. ūüėÄ So if¬†I could¬†pick a¬†place to¬†live there,¬†I would¬†pick Shark¬†Tooth Island¬†in a¬†heartbeat.

The¬†island is¬†very small,¬†but the¬†idea of¬†living on¬†a beach¬†does sound¬†amazing, even¬†if in¬†a game. ūüėõ¬†It just¬†sounds relaxing,¬†at least to me. ūüėÄ So yeah, there’s my answer.

– The Mighty Game-ini


Poptropica Realms

Hey, guys!

Recently, Poptropica Realms has disappeared! I also noticed this the other day, and I found it odd. But anyways, the creators are fixing this.

Poptropica Realms

Captain Crawfish¬†also reassured¬†us that¬†our Realms¬†is safe,¬†so worry¬†not. ūüôā This¬†is what¬†he said¬†on the¬†creators’ blog:

“Never fear, Poptropicans, because all the Realms you created are safe ‚ÄĒ they‚Äôre only temporarily unavailable. In our latest update to Poptropica, a bug in the code base disabled Realms. We‚Äôre actively working on squashing this pesky bug and restoring Realms as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update you as soon as we have more information.”

What update¬†caused this?¬†I’m not¬†sure, but¬†I think¬†it’s the¬†Photo¬†Booth¬†update. That’s¬†just my¬†opinion, though.

Well, that’s¬†what’s happening¬†lately. ūüėõ See you next time!

– The Mighty Game-ini