WTPW #01

You know what time it is! This is Mad APPer, and it’s time for:


Follow me, it’s all under the cut!

TC, Alpha, and/or The Mighty Game-ini want*:

-The ability to sit in chairs and/or benches you see in Poptropica.

-Backstory. For example, how our Poptropicans got their blimps.

-The ability to lay down in beds.

-Personalization. Examples are romance, houses to live in, etc.

-Less glitches. Can’t argue with that logic.

-Friends, original islands, and more store items to come to the mobile app. See? TC and I are on the same page.

What The Mad APPer Wants: Island Idea

Half of the people who read my other blog, The Poptropica App Blog, read my Poptropica fan fiction. Well, here’s my island idea. You’re on an island where you have to play islands from the other side. You’re given a device that sets you back into time as that person to stop yourself. Like, you’re Omegon and you have to squish Mad Apper. You’re Dr. Hare and have to work on your Rabbot. When you’re finished, you get a medallion for being evil. Until you get foiled, and still beat the island. I keep laughing whenever the idea comes to mind.

This has been…


—The Mad APPer—

* In case you forgot:

TC = Tall Cactus

Alpha = Popular Wolf

Mighty Game-ini = Mighty Gamer


4 thoughts on “WTPW #01

  1. Let’s just hope that the Creators read this post and use these ideas, because they would make the game so much better! And Mad APPer, I LOVE your island idea! That would easily be one of the best islands EVER if it were made. There should be a second Create Your Own Dream Island Contest! Listen up, Creators!

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