PWPD Part 2!

Heeeyyy guys! Guess who? Popular Wolf, ya ding dong! Anywho, onto the newest PWPD!! You excited?! Then, onward!!


(BTW, if you couldn’t figure it out, this is a monthly thing!)

I wanted to draw a dramatic villain pic with my new drawing tablet… here’s Mordred!


(^I went kuhrazee with the blood though… curse you, Manga Studio 5!!)

Here’s AK as a poster (IDK, I thought it looked cool)


My new Gravatar background (that’s me, but with blue eyes for some dumb reason)


My first drawing on the drawing tablet (and MS Paint {eeeeeew})….


That’s all! Did you like it? Whatever, tell me! I value feedback.

Sorry, MA and Super Drummer. Next time your requests will be in. I have been working on a big project, that’s why. 😉 😉 😉

You guys can request, but not a drawing of your avatar! It’s boring to do. Tell me something cool or interesting!

That is all! *stand**bow*




21 thoughts on “PWPD Part 2!

  1. Wow. You’re an AMAZING artist. For the next PWPD, maybe you could do a drawings based on EFPR. Or BLACK WIDOW!!! Or the PHB and other Poptropoca fan blog authors. Or something like that.

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  2. Oh, and one more thing. Since you seem to be a big fan of Binary Bard/Mordred, you should check out HIS blog-
    Yes, he seriously has a blog. 0_o

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