Escape from Pelican Rock

Hey everybody!

This is Mighty Gamer, and I have some great news for you all! If you non-members have been excited for EFPR (Escape from Pelican Rock), now’s the time to play! Whenever I play, I will even start working on a REVIEW! Although, I am not sure when I will be able to post it. It could take anywhere from today to a couple weeks, and it all depends on its difficulty and length. Anyways, since today is the release, go play!

You can use the tutorial below, and once you’ve finished the island, check your ranking here. I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

– MG


Escape from Pelican Rock

Hey guys!

Guess what? The Poptropica Creators have released Escape from Pelican Rock. There’s a downside for us non-members, though, and you should know what that is. 😦 If you don’t know what that is, well… Yeah. Us non-members can’t partake of this goodness until the Poptropica Creators give us the OK. As for the members, go ahead. Go play. I’ll try not to be jealous. 😥 Also, GUYS!!!! Only 15 more days until Christmas!! I’m so excited! Are you?

Also, a big thanks to Ultimate iPad Expert and HPuterpop for the awesome header! Looks great!

MG out!

UPDATE: The Poptropica Creators have released the walkthrough for Escape from Pelican Rock here. After completing the island, check your ranking here.

MEGA Blog Changes!

My oh my, it’s The Mad Apper!

Oh yeah, so if you read my solo blog, The Poptropica App Blog, you know when I make obvious and/or unknown blog changes, I cover them in a post: MAJOR Blog Changes. Well, this is The MEGA Poptropica Blog, so this post will tell you about two MEGA blog changes.

For the two [somewhat] obvious blog changes, look under the cut! Continue reading “MEGA Blog Changes!”

Soon to Come: Oodles of Doodles

Heeeyyy guys! PW here. I want to keep you in check with an upcoming post series I’m doing: Popular Wolf’s Poptropica Doodles!

I’ll draw random stuff, full drawings and more, in both my natural manga style (like my current profile picture {tidbit: Daganronpa Christmas!}) and Poptropica style! The drawings will be about Poptropica, and soon, something more personal… you’ll see 😉 (MWAHAHAHAAA)

I’ll probably do the first post on my birthday, December 10th, so mark that down!

I’m only posting it here, so it’s exclusive!

That’s all I have for now. Pop on!


Any requests for me to draw? What style? Comments are below, my friends! Request your heart out!

Welcome One and All!

…to The MEGA Poptropica Blog!

Man, this is late. *shakes fist at school along with time zones*

Let me see here. There’s Mighty Gamer, Popular Wolf, so who am I? I go by The Mad Apper, Mad Apper, or MA. What’d you expect, my real name?

You may know me from my other Poptropica blog, The Poptropica App Blog, which you can find at!

Anyway, I stand out a bit compared to Mighty Gamer and Popular Wolf. My Poptropican’s name is not my pen name, I’m the  only dude author,  and I’ve only played the online Poptropica about twice (I play through the mobile app).

However, believe or not, we’re a team. I’m the author/administrator, while Popular Wolf and Mighty Gamer are authors. Get ready for this Poptropica blog. This trio will knock your socks off!

*drops mic*

—The Mad Apper—

P.S. Take a look at the “ABOUT” page!


Heeeyyy guys! I’m Popular Wolf, and welcome to this braaaaand spanking new blog! The current squad is yours truly, Mad Apper, and last but not least, Mighty Gamer! You can check out my blog through the link here, and keep tabs on this one! We’re gonna be HUGE!!

That’s all for now… Pop on!


Welcome to The MEGA Poptropica Blog!

If you don’t know me from my blog right here, I will introduce myself right here and now. I am Mighty Gamer, a 14 year-old girl obsessed with online games who just stumbled upon Poptropica. I also play Minecraft, and I’m thinking about joining Roblox. I love reading, and I adore Greek Mythology. But enough talking about me. Welcome to The MEGA Poptropica Blog! and stay tuned for more upcoming posts. 🙂
– MG